Star Trek: Voyager “The Killing Game, Part I”


“I’ve become impatient. We penetrated this vessel, overcame their defenses, and in the moment of the Kill, you forced us to stop. Now we play these incessant games. It’s time we took our trophies and moved on.” Sheesh; kids today…

“Your lust for the kill has blinded you, like many young Hunters. If you took the time to study your prey — to understand its behavior — you might learn something.”

“There is nothing to be learned,” Groucho says sullenly.

“You’re wrong. Each Prey exposes us to another way of life and makes us reevaluate our own. Have you considered our future? What will become of us when we have Hunted this territory to exhaustion?” Karl asks.

“We will travel to another part of space search for new Prey, as we have always done.”

“A way of life that hasn’t changed for a thousand years,” says Karl.

“Why should it?”

“Species that don’t change…die,” Karl says. “We’ve lost our way. We’ve allowed our predatory instincts to dominate us. We disperse ourselves throughout the quadrant, sending ships in all directions. We’ve become a solitary race, isolated. We’ve spread ourselves too thin. We’re no longer a culture. We have no identity. In another thousand years no one will remember the name ‘Hirogen.’ Our people must come back together — combine forces, rebuild our civilization.”

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